Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday Haikus

Another five pounds --
Gone from my body this week
And let's hope for good.

Attributing it
To long walks on humid days
That keep speeding up.

My meals have been fresh --
Salads so plentiful, a
Fluffy tail has formed.

Life is chaotic:
More updates will soon appear
When things settle down.

Not haiku format --
I can't squeeze it all into
These 3-line phrases.


Lucy said...

Oh my - 5lb gone is like, loads! Super!

D'Andra said...

Another 5lbs!!!!! Oh my goodness. Look at you rocking this weight loss thing. Great job!

Megan said...

5 punds a week!! WOW. I'm so glad for you!!

Anini said...

Thats amazing! Good job! Nooo... Great job!

Lynda with a Y said...

5 pounds is superhero good.