Friday, June 11, 2010

What a girl wants

Would someone who loves me please, please, please buy me one of these?

Actually, anyone can buy one for me, but I figured only someone who really likes me, or possibly who gave birth to me, would be willing to drop more than $200 on something I'm coveting.

But, maybe you're thinking about how much songs about beets means to you, and how fond you are of the blogger who created this Place You Can Barely Live Without, and now you're just itching to show your appreciation for the fountain of witty commentary you always find here?


So the deal is that you take a cool photograph, and then you send it to Modern Bird Studios, and they create art for you. In case you've already got your trigger finger hovering over the "Order" button, I'm pretty partial to the ones in blue. Like this:

I'm going to be spending my weekend attempting some artistic-looking photography. With an 11-month old and a soon-to-be 3-year old. That oughta be easy. But I want to have something ready to upload right when I get that email from Modern Bird notifying me of the amazing gift purchased by my generous benefactor.

I think this is also good motivation to finally get that lemonade stand Eloise keeps talking about up and running. She suggested we price drinks at a nickel. Maybe I can convince her to up her price if I show her the cool artwork we could get with our earnings. College fund? What college fund?

Hope your weekend is fruitful!


In Real Life said...

Cool- turning your photos into art, that is so awesome! Now I want one too!

Flabby McGee said...

Those look great! Love them!! Now I want one of my son :)