Monday, June 7, 2010


Posey turned 11-months old today.
And the other baby I'm nurturing right now, this vegan eating experiment, turned 3-months old.

Although still in its infancy, I've already learned a lot from baby #3.
I've learned that diapers aren't cheap. No matter the size.
I've learned it's okay to fail. It's giving it a try in the first place that really matters.
And I've learned that you really do get back what you put out there. Into the universe. Into your family. Into your health. Into your . . . life.

And as I was snapping shots of Posey today to document her 11-month-ness,

it occurred to me that I've had the pleasure of feeling full of wonder for the past few months. Much like my real baby. How much delight is there in the discovery of simple things?

Like when your sister naps later than you do, and you finally get ALL the plastic accessories to yourself? (And so you hang on to them for dear life.)

Like when you are face-to-face with dazzlingly bright colors?

Like when you realize your hard work, your time, your effort, and your well-intentioned thoughts are paying off? In immeasurable benefits for yourself and your entire family?

Those are moments worth treasuring.
On birthdays and way, way beyond.


Mama Pea said...

I adore you. Can we please have a playdate? I'll make vegan chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. See you at 10 am.

Beetnik Mama said...

We are SO ready, Mama Pea! And, it's not just because of the cookies. ;-)

Stefanie said...

OMG, look at those cheeks!! Oooooo, I can't wait to squeeze her!

OMA said...

Well written, well pictured. Certainly, things to think about.