Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Five pounds went to the wayside this week, which puts me at a total of 30 pounds lost since March 7th.

Wooooo hooooo!!!

I fear this excitement may be short lived, however, because of two things:
the Week O' Bloat will be upon me shortly, and right after that,
we're heading out of town for a weekend wedding (where Eloise is the flower girl -- I'm so excited to see her all dolled up!).

Although most days I feel like I have a handle on the vegan thing, I still haven't quite figured out how to make it work when I'm away from home. Pretty much every meal out has been non-vegan, in fact (but, there have only been a few in the past 3 months). Add to that the fact that I'm also trying to eat, consistently, in such a way that I continue to lose weight . . . and it all kind of makes my head spin.

I'm telling you all this so you're not disappointed when you don't see the scale go down next week. Or the week after. I know how emotional you get about my weigh-ins.

And I'm also telling you this so you send me your tips for eating healthfully while away from home.
Stick carrots in every pocket?
Arrange for a major dental procedure just before we leave that won't allow me to eat for a few days?

What else 'ya got?


Paul said...

You have never disappointed me. I am so proud of you. I love you!

Lucy said...

Oh well done! 5lb is brilliant!

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Well done!!!

Lynda with a Y said...

I went away for the weekend and lost one pound. It is possible. Move whenever you can, track as much as you can and although I'm not a vegetarian, I did crowd my plate with veggies. And I didn't eat wedding cake.

angela | the painted house said...


Samantha said...

30 pounds since March?! That's AWESOME. Way to go Tracy! I too am pleased with my weight loss- 10-12 pounds (not sure) in 2 months, but that's no 30!! You are an inspiration!