Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eleven years ago today . . .

I was nervous as heck about a first date.

And that first date led to a second date the next night, and I blinked, and eleven years have gone by?! I still get butterflies when I think back to that first smooch (on the second date, thankyouverymuch).

Oh, those were the days, Bean. Dinners out, sleeping in, passionate kisses . . . it's nice to cozy up with happy memories on a day when, if you weren't thousands of miles away, dipping your toes in the Pacific, I'd be plopping two kids into your arms the moment you walked in the door. Instead, you'll just have to listen to me whine to you about all the whining here. I think Eloise was so out of sorts about her bath because she was disappointed to hear that Papi wouldn't be the one overseeing it. I rarely make her laugh enough to forget about how much she hates getting her hair washed. Not like you can.

She loves that about you just like me. Eleven years ago, before you even picked me up for our date, I already knew I loved how you could get me to smile.

We're lucky girls, Eloise, Posey, and me.
Thank goodness Papi finally asked me out.

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