Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slumber party!

Aunt Stefanie came by for a slumber party yesterday. She's known as Tita around here (that's "Tee-tah." This was Eloise's version of "tia," the Spanish word for aunt. And it stuck, and no one has ever seemed to want to change it.)

Tita came bearing gifts. Eloise got a set of Dora dishes that she was over the moon about, and I got some sa-weet birthday prezzies. Including this new cookbook that I am ridiculously excited about. I can just smell the cookies baking, can't you?!

We sure had fun. Thank you for slumbering, and playing, and being silly with us, Tita. I can say with certainty that Eloise misses you already . . .

Me: Wave bye-bye to Tita, honey.
Eloise: I can't do this, mama.
Me: What do you mean? Do you miss Tita?
Eloise: Yeah, mama. I can't do this.
Me: But she's going to be back in just a couple of weeks.
Eloise: No, it's too long. I can't do this, mama.

I have no idea where that child got her flair for the dramatic!

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