Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I'm thinking about

True, it's a lovely sentiment for any time of year, but I'm thinking we should probably swap out the welcome mat finally. I can't really roll my eyes at the neighbor's icicle lights still hanging from their front porch until we do, right?

I'm guessing it might be easier to crack a safe than to open a new package of toilet paper. WHY on earth is toilet paper, of all things, wrapped up tighter than Fort Knox? Walk through the grocery store, and there are the baguettes, just hanging out, not even fully covered in some flimsy paper, and that goes in my mouth. But if you want to spend less than 10 minutes struggling, tugging, and cursing at a package of TP, you better keep a machete in your loo.

On a related topic, I'm so used to going to the bathroom with the door open, I'm terrified I'll do it in someone else's home or in a public place. "Oh, hello, Pastor John. That was a moving sermon you gave today. I'm glad to see you, actually . . . since you're standing right there, could you help me open this new package of toilet paper?"

Pre-washed lettuce. Why is its freshness, regardless of the date on the container, a total crap shoot? (No more potty references. I promise.)

Something that's actually making life a little simpler -- a dish drying mat. If you're like me, you constantly have a pile of plastic stuff that didn't dry in the dishwasher. This is super absorbent and easy to store away. Thanks for discovering it, Mom!

Heard at the park this morning:
Me: Eloise, it's time to get going, hon.
Eloise (playing ice cream shoppe with some other kids): No, Mami, I can't go.
Me: Yes, we need to get home to have lunch.
Eloise: No, not yet. Just two more.
Me: Two more what?
Eloise: Two more ice creams.

Keep calm and carry on!

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Samantha said...

Yeah, nice weather is opening up a whole new can of problems. We can go outside, but soon after we go outside, a certain baby gets tired and we need to go back inside, and Z is nearly impossible to get back inside. >:(