Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

According to the scale this morning, I lost one pound last week. Well, I'm calling it one pound. I made the mistake of stepping off, and then stepping back on, the scale three times. Obviously, I have trust issues. But the scale read -2, -1, and -.8. So I'm settling on the middle-of-the-road -1.

I have to say, I expected a little more than that. But I can see why it wasn't more. Ever since that clever vixen known as the Bad Ass Bread Machine (or Babs, as I like to call her) entered our lives, I've been carbo-loading on fresh bread for at least 2 meals each day. I think it's time to revisit one of my basic goals for this vegan trial-run, which is: Eat more fruits and veggies!

In true chunky girl fashion, I've been gravitating toward old familiars lately. Oh, they're vegan, but they're not exactly holding up the base of any food pyramids out there, you know? Sour cherries, anyone? Wine. Bread with Earth Balance (vegan, buttery-like spread). Chips.

So, I'm not going to abandon Babs, but maybe I should consider limiting the bread to one meal per day? That sounds reasonable, no?

We'll find out next week.

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