Thursday, April 29, 2010

Continued success. In more ways than one.

Alternatively titled: How Posey Saved Our Lives.

I know I said I wanted the universe to propel me off the sofa, but jeesh, I didn't want it to hurl me into the path of oncoming tree limbs.

Earlier today, I shared about how my youngest daughter feels the need to let her toes air out at all times. So, when we left on this very breezy morning for another walk, I was sure to check Posey's toes for any missing socks at frequent intervals (putting shoes on her would have been another option, but I like to make things as difficult as possible on myself.).

It was at about stop #17 to either pull socks up, retrieve them from the sidewalk, or snatch them out of Posey's mouth, when I paused slightly to catch my breath before unbraking the stroller and moving on. Just at that moment, a huge branch from the tree overhead dropped about 2 feet in front of us. Had we walked ahead any sooner, I'd be typing this, fully concussed, from the ER.


Obviously, the universe is trying to tell me that walking is too dangerous, and I am naturally better suited to sitting with my feet up, while drinking fruity cocktails.

But, I'm not listening!

Getting out today felt good. Sore buns even.
Thank goodness, and Posey's toes, that's the only pain I'm feeling.

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Stefanie said...

It's been a few days since I've been here, so I'm catching up today.

WHEW!! That was lucky! I'm happy your sore buns were the only thing hurting too!