Friday, April 23, 2010

Food for thought

With all the potty training, cookie eating, and Earth Day hubbub, I completely forgot about celebrating one month of blogging!

I hope we can continue to grow together. Or, preferably for some of us, shrink together.

I feel like I've gotten into the vegan groove . . . now the key is to find a balance between good food and good weight loss. I love the way we've been eating. But the plan still includes losing more than a few pounds. That part we need to work on.

As you head off to your weekend, here is something I read recently that struck me as descriptive of how I've been feeling. What a difference the right food can make in, well, everything.

One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well, if one has not dined well.
- Virginia Woolf


Syl said...

Hi Tracy!
thanks for stopping by and to answer your question the answer is YES! I always run at night during the week and mid day on weekends.

With my schedule - being a stay at home mom my days are devoted to my boys however when they go to bed it's my time. I find that running after everything is said and done puts my mind where it should be and it's a great day to end the day, always something for me to look forward to.

That being said, it wasn't easy when I first started but have learned that that time works best for me.

Tracie said...

The "something for me to look forward to" is the part I think I struggle with the most! ;-)

Thanks for the answers. And the continuing inspiration!

Vegan Valerie said...

That is a beautiful quote by Virginia Woolf. I like it! You used it well! :)

Tracie said...

Thank you, Valerie!

The more I stick with wholesome vegan foods, the more I'm finding that quote to ring true.