Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Oh, for crying out loud.
I'm still Roseanne.

One thing I've tried not to do too much of, on this blog at least, is complain. Sure, I know I whined about having to exercise, but other than that, I try to keep things upbeat. Surround myself with positive energy here, if you will.

But today, I'm just not feelin' it. Although I try not to let the scale rule my emotions, sometimes, it just does. And after the week I had, where my eating was strictly healthy and I really kicked it up more than a notch with workouts, I was disappointed to see only a one-pound loss this morning.

It especially doesn't make sense because of my saintliness last night. How I wasn't driven straight to the freezer to start immediately shoveling heaping spoonfuls of soy ice cream into my mouth, I'll never know. What had me contemplating an evening filled with chocolate and doughnuts was The Incident. The one we shall forever more refer to as The Incident We Do Not Discuss. Honestly, I deserve, at the very least, for one additional pound to melt off and possibly to receive some sort of badge of courage.

I won't go into too many details, but I'll tell you -- it involves poop. At this point, I'm strongly considering shutting down this blog entirely and starting up a new one dedicated solely to bodily excrement. It seems my life somewhat revolves around it these days.

As I've mentioned more times than you've probably cared to hear, we've been working on potty training with Eloise. To her credit, she's been doing really well. There is just one teeny, tiny problem -- she has stopped daily poos. I think she is suffering from a really long bout of stage fright. It's like she's freaked out about pooping on the potty, so she only goes once every three or four days. When she absolutely has to. And, don't forget -- she's eating bran muffins and fruit with me every morning.

Yeah, so I'm sure you've probably started to form a mental picture . . . let me fill in a few extras for you.

There was a nap.
There was a pull-up filled with poop, lots of it, by the end of that nap.
There was a pair of leggings that got caught on the top of the pull-up as I tried to get them off.
There was a forceful tug.
There was a moment, when the leggings came free, but when they did, they snapped the pull-up down or off or wildly into some other freakish direction.
There was a feeling of dread, when I suddenly realized the wall, the door, the changing table, the floor, my child, and me had just been splattered with poop. FOUR DAYS WORTH OF POOP. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

So. If I seem a little downtrodden . . . well, maybe you'll pity me.

And indulge me. Tell me your body didn't respond to work outs right away. Or that you lost 6 pounds the second week you worked out. Something.

And should I reconsider what/how I'm eating? Could I be consuming way more calories than I think I am? Have any of you lost weight without counting and measuring?

One thing's for sure. Bran muffins are off the menu.


Lucy said...

I swear to goddess, it is SO SO SO common. You start working out and your muscles freak out and retain water. And muscle and water WEIGH MORE. The, next week, AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE to eat to plan, and push through, and drink plenty of water, YOU WILL SEE THE LOSS.

I promise.

Just push through.

Megan said...

Poor little Eloise. How old is she? Maybe pull back on the potty training for now. They ALWAYS get potty trained in time. One of my boys was 4 before he pooped on the toilet. He would hold his poop for days if I didn't give him a diaper. The doctor said he just needed to do it on his own terms, and eventually he did! My brother was like that, too.
Anyhoo- you will see the loss next week. Just keep doing the right thing because it feels good. The scale will follow. Promise :)

Anonymous said...

oh you poor poor dear!! (loved the link to the poop list)

i'm struggling with my own bm's right now, it was good to read.

I find for me.. that it can take a week to 10 days for my behaviour, whether good or bad to show up on the scale.. so just continue being consistent!

I'd hug you.. but have you showered yet??

Beetnik Mama said...

Lucy, your comment was so helpful to read. I was hoping that if I put this out there, I'd get some encouragement. Thank you!!

Megan, Eloise will be three in August. She really is doing so well, I'd hate to go back now. This is only the 2nd accident (of #2) she's had, and, of course, I'm praying it's her last! HA!

Amy, I've been showering in the evenings, thankyouverymuch. ;-) And, yeah, I could use a hug. I hate reading weight loss blogs that just blather on and on about their scale's fluctuations, so I don't want to bore any of you like that. But I really needed to get this frustration out today. Thanks for sharing how things go for you -- I'm praying I get the same results!

Michel said...

I definitely didn't see results right away. Especially when I started running. It takes time for our body to go "oh no we don't like you fat go away!" It will happen though.

and on Eloise... oh how about a snack of prunes aka candy in our house?

Beetnik Mama said...

Thanks, Michel! Go figure my body is stubborn. Or maybe more like, it just really likes its fat stores!

Eloise does eat prunes quite a bit. And, I'm happy to say, she made a big ol' potty on the big girl potty tonight! Hallelujah!

Fat Grump said...

'Have any of you lost weight without counting and measuring?'

I have! I am laughing here, because it's very early days...week one really of my 'proper' attempt to lose weight. I just don't want to count calories, or be on a diet plan. Both things send me spinning out of control and obsessing about food. I have upped my spells of using the bike and dancing madly to tracks on my PC. I am no one to follow really because I am probabaly the most reluctant dieter in the world. I really DO need to lose weight though, so I am sticking with my 'only healthy foods' plan, and if I have a food treat of any sort, THEN I will check the calorific value of it - only so I have some idea of how going back to old eating habits really does mess up my attempts to lose weight bu not 'dieting'.

Good luck! (Oh, and have been there with the poo incident...many years ago. I can laugh now.)

Stefanie said...

I sound like I'm on repeat, but.... you crack me up. I can only imagine the poop incident. Whoa.

When I started actually counting calories and keeping track of what I was eating everyday I was floored. I was eating waaayyy more servings of things than I had thought. I hate doing the food scale myself, but it's a good reminder of appropriate portioning.

I have a great spreadsheet I made when I did WW if you want me to forward it to you. It's helpful if you're tracking your food and exercise.... let me know.

Beetnik Mama said...

I'll take all the help I can get, Stef. Send it my way, please!