Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

As it turns out, even if I hadn't decided to back off blogging this week, I would have probably had to post less anyway. Life just got in the way. In the form of a sick baby girl. Poor little petal.

We spent much of Monday and Tuesday mornings in the doctor's office trying to figure out why Posey had a 104-degree fever and was inconsolably miserable. After much poking and prodding, our pediatrician came to the conclusion that she has the Virus of the Month. In other words, there was nothing we could really do except let her rest and try to keep her hydrated. And rest she did. That poor baby slept yesterday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, and then went back to bed at 7:30.

The good news is that when she finally woke up last night, she was ready to eat, and we actually saw a smile or two. That made us all happy.

Know what else is making me happy?
Losing SIX POUNDS this week!

Okay, technically, this was a four-pound loss because I was up +2 last week. But I'm more than thrilled with four.

I'm thinking exercise must have played a big part in my losses lately -- I've lost much more consistently since I also started moving on a consistent basis. So I'm working hard to find a little time in each day to walk or pop in a workout DVD. I know they say diet is 80% of weight loss, but maybe my body just needs that extra 20% push from exercise.

I'm getting healthy.
And Posey has been instructed that she must remain healthy.


Lucy said...

Oh well done! Brilliant!

Anini said...

Wow a very nice loss from all your hard work :) Glad to hear your little Posey is feeling better. My niece and nephew actually recently had hand, foot, and mouth which they caught at their daycare but they are on the mend also... thank goodness!

Megan said...

Yeah for you and yeah for little Posey!!!
Well done!!!!

Michel said...

Way to go Tracie!! So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats on the SIX pounds!! you rock!! so glad Posie is feeling better.

Jess said...

Great work!
I'm a new follower of yours and am also on the weight loss journey. My blog is if you're interested : )


Lyn said...

Six pounds is fantastic!
And your babies are SO cute :)